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Tussy and Lois are both qualified psychodynamic psychotherapists that work in an integrative style to taylor to different needs of each client. They both studied at Brighton University for a post graduate diploma, and are registered members of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). Together they have amassed over 40 years of experience working within music, film and television, collectively known as the Entertainment industry.  

In this time they have gained an in depth knowledge of the lifestyle these industries offer, the highs, lows and pressures that are associated with them. With this insight they aim to create a safe and supportive space where you can feel heard and understood. 

Their core foundation, based around a psychodynamic integrative approach, means connecting past and present experiences to make sense of relationships and behaviours that have become complex. Equally, they will take your individual needs into consideration tailoring around a mix of therapeutic elements to best suit you. They are direct but compassionate and personable making it easy to connect in the therapeutic relationship where your change can begin.



Tussy Facchin
Lois Chadwick

After 18 years of working as an assistant director in film and television, I decided to retrain as a psychotherapist.

I have had the priviledge so far of working with people from many walks of life and feel that joining this with the specific experience I have gained I can connect the two worlds to help others. The all-consuming and emotionally charged lifestyle that exists when working in these creative industries can at times feel overwhelming. In therapy, we can begin to reduce anxiety and stress by having a space to talk through thoughts and feelings in a confidential and non judgmental environment. 


I believe the therapeutic relationship is to start with, one of the most important elements to create trust and bring awareness to yourself. It will allow the ability to focus on change and development from inner resources. I know that by helping you the client to regain a sense of autonomy and by creating a safe therapeutic environment, it can feel possible to regain what may have felt lost in your personal and professional life. 


I have worked for a well established band in the music business for 23 years. Within this role my job has taken me in many directions including managing bands, live promotions, managing crew, working for record and publishing companies, festival production, and running a recording studio.

From personal experience  I understand how lonely life can be in high pressurised situations for both artists and industry professionals and I've seen the result of how building trusted and supportive relationships can be problematic within this industry resulting in addictions and isolation for example.

It was this that inspired me to embark on my formal Psychotherapy training at the University of Brighton. I believe that todays problems can be rooted in lived experiences or past traumas. With careful excavation they  can be overcome when acknowledged in a confidential and safe environment and by building the relationship within the room.



                 At Entertainment Industry Therapy (EIT), through our own experiences of working in these associated

                 industries for many years, we get the many pressures that these highly specialised career paths can

                 demand of you creatively, psychologically and emotionally. With this unique understanding our empathic                                     approach enables a setting where you will feel comfortable and heard. Below are some of the areas that

                 may come up on your therapeutic journey.




                 Creative block


                 Exploration of past linking to present to recognise behavioural patterns



                 Loss of Identity

                 Managing personal and external expectations within the industry

                 Self Esteem

                 Stress and trauma recovery

                 Partners and family members who have been effected by the entertainment lifestyle

                 Pressure on family life and relationships 



                 Sexual assault





    TUSSY FACCHIN    07870598866

    After your initial email or phone contact with us (the average response time is 24 hours) we will get back to you to organise our first introductory online conversation together usually done over Zoom. This session will be free and will last roughly 20-30 minutes.

    Within this discussion we will go over what has brought you to therapy. We will discuss the costs of the sessions and a time and date for your first 50 minute therapy session to suit you should you wish to proceed. 

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