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Beginning Therapy

People come to therapy for many different reasons. A lot of the time it’s a point of crisis that feels unmanageable. This can manifest through relationships either at home with family and loved ones, or in the workplace alongside friends and associates. Either way it can be a lonely and distressing place to be left in and dealing with it with on your own can feel overwhelming at times.

Through a simple, safe, and non-judgmental environment, the therapeutic relationship will guide discussions that will help to release the multitude of internalised thoughts and sometimes memories which bring understanding for the road ahead.

To really be listened to is something that doesn’t happen often in this fast-paced world, and in the entertainment industry this can sometimes feel even more extreme when faced with impossible schedules and high-profile media attention.

Taking the time to embark on this therapeutic journey will give you space to unfold your thoughts and give you tools to help with triggers, working towards giving you back a clearer sense of yourself to keep moving forward.

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General Information

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